About WAVE Rural Connect

For Technical Support Please Call 1.888.212.7626 or email techsupport@waverc.com

What Is Wave Rural Connect?

Wave Rural Connect, LLC. is the telecommunications subsidiary of Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative. We are bringing fiber services, including; ultra-fast gigabit Internet, premium fiber TV, and fiber VOIP telephone services to the River Valley region.

Why Are We Doing This?

Today, many areas do not have access to broadband Internet — and some have no access at all. Like Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative (AVECC) did with electricity in 1937, Wave Rural Connect is going to provide the power of high-speed Internet to Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma.

AVECC is using fiber-optic cable for communication and automation between their substations and system to increase the reliability and accuracy of the electric service to members.

Due to the expanded capacity of fiber-optic transmission, Wave Rural Connect can offer highspeed services over much of the same fiber AVECC uses for automation.

Is Wave Rural Connect Part Of Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative?

Wave Rural Connect, LLC. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative Corporation (AVECC). As a separate company, Wave Rural Connect is therefore managed separately from the cooperative. Wave Rural Connect was created to benefit our membership and the cooperative by providing true broadband services to members and eventually will be expanded to customers outside AVECC membership.

This project will not impact electric rates. AVECC owns the fiber and will utilize the fiber for electric smart-grid management. Wave Rural Connect is a self-sufficient company and will cover all the costs of fiber through revenues received.

How Will We Know When Wave Is Coming To Our Area?

Wave Rural Connect will announce openings on social media, email, and send a mailer package with details and pricing when fiber service is ready in your area. See this article for details.

You can also check availability on our signup website, signup.waveruralconnect.com, where you can see service areas and the schedule phases. Even if our service is not yet available in your area, enter your information, and we will contact you when your area is ready for Wave Rural Connect services.


What Is Fiber, And What’s So Special About It?

Fiber refers to the use of fiber-optic cable to transport data. Fiber-optic cable is a flexible glass filament that transmits light as a method of data transport.

Wave Rural Connect uses cutting-edge Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology that brings fiber-optics and the data they transport INTO your home. GPON is the most efficient technology for delivering streaming video content and online applications with virtually limitless bandwidth.

GPON systems drive the bursts of light through fibers at much faster speeds than traditional copper lines. This technology literally moves at the speed of light. Some of our competitors utilize fiber in their systems that only go to the curb, and the final connection to the home is copper lines, resulting in much slower speeds.

Wave Rural Connect will bring Fiber To The Home (FTTH).

Are There Any Data Caps?

Use as much data as you want with no caps or throttling.

What Equipment Will Be Required?

You are not required to provide any equipment for internet service, and there is no fee for the ONT device. However, our Managed Wireless service includes an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that also has WiFi routing capability for $4.95 per month. (Managed Wireless also provides monitoring and advanced networking tools.)

Can I Use My Own Equipment?

You must use the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) as the modem. The standard ONT is a modem-only in function, and a different wireless router may be used if you prefer.

If you choose our Managed Wireless service you will be provided with an ONT that is a modem/WiFi router combination.

What Is Managed Wireless?

For $4.95 per month, we will provide a combination modem / WiFi router and then set up, maintain, and manage your wireless network, including troubleshooting, updates, and security. Without Managed Wireless, you will be provided with an ONT that functions as a modem-only and must supply your WiFi router and maintain their settings and firmware updates on your own.

Do I Have To Return The ONT If I Cancel Service?

Yes. We will send someone to your house to pick up the ONT if you cancel the service. Do not try to disconnect the ONT yourself. Unreturned equipment or damage may result in fees of up to $250 per unreturned item.

Will You Sell My Browsing Information?

We will never sell your information to third parties.

Will There Be Email Accounts With Wave Rural Connect?

Wave Rural Connect will not provide email service. If you need a new email address, we recommend creating an account with one of the many high-quality email providers.

Read our Why We Don’t Offer Email article which explains the decision to not offer email hosting.

Is Fiber Internet 100% of the Speed All The Time?

100 mbps and Gigabit are maximum capacities. Speeds may be slower based on users accessing the line at the same time or using WiFi access. Gigabit speeds are “best-effort” and not guaranteed.


Is This Like Cable TV?

Wave Rural Connect will use Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), which delivers TV using the same technology that powers our ultra-fast fiber internet. Using our all-fiber network, we can deliver more than 200 channels in crisp quality to all the TVs in your home. Experience no-lag as you change channels or watch your favorite on-demand content.

Can I Order TV Service By Itself?

No. Televison services require either our 100 mbps or 1 gigabit fiber internet service.

What Channels Do You Have?

We will have more than 200 channels available, including local, sports, premium, and music channels. The full channel lineup and packages can be found at on our TV Packages page.

Is It All HD or 4K? Does That Cost Extra?

High Definition and 4K quality are included for any channel in our lineup that offers HD. There is no additional fee for HD or 4K quality.

Do I Have To Buy A Package Or Can I Buy Channels A La Carte?

A la carte packages are available. However, you can not pick individual channels to make a package.

A list of all options can be found on our TV Packages page. A la carte add-on packages are available to let you customize your TV experience.

What Local Channels Will You Have?

We will have the local channels for each Designated Market Area (DMA). Be sure to check out the TV Channel listing.

Will I Need Special Equipment?

A set-top box is required for each TV in a household. We provide the set-top box for $5.95 per month. If you opt for whole-home DVR, recorded content can be streamed to any TV in the home using only one DVR unit. A whole-home DVR unit ($12.95) and replaces one set-top box in a household.

What Happens If The Equipment Is Damaged?

Wave Rural Connect will replace malfunctioning equipment. Physical damage caused by the subscriber will be charged to the subscriber. Unreturned equipment or damage may result in fees of up to $250 per unreturned item.

Can I Buy The Equipment Outright Instead Of Paying A Monthly Fee?

No, the equipment is only available while you have our service.

Do I Have To Return The Equipment If I Cancel Service?

Yes. You will have 10 days from the date you terminate your service to return your set-top box receivers and DVR’s. Unreturned equipment or damage may result in fees of up to $250 per unreturned item.

How Many Channels Can The DVR Record At Once?

The DVR can record six streams at a time.

What Is The Capacity Of The DVR?

The DVR can hold roughly 1,000 hours of SD content or 500 hours of HD content.

Can I Use TiVo Or Other Third-Party DVRs?

No, the TV service is only compatible with the devices we provide.

Can I Stream Live TV?

Yes! With watchTVeverywhere, you have access to thousands of hours of programming from participating networks on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, at no extra charge. Watch your favorite show anywhere you have access to the Internet!

Use the watchTVeverywhere Guide to set up access to your streaming channels.


What Are The Benefits To Phone Service Provided By Wave Rural Connect?

Since our Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone service is over a fiber network, it provides crystal-clear communication with no lag. We offer our phone service at very competitive rates, and discounts are available if you bundle with other Wave Rural Connect services. Unlike many other phone providers, we will not charge any fees that aren’t mandated.

Can I Order Phone Service By Itself?

Yes. Phone-only service requires an initial $199 installation fee.

Can I Have Multiple Lines?

Yes. There is a 2 voice line capacity per Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that is installed.

Can I Keep My Phone Number?

You will be able to keep your phone number in most cases.

Can I Fax On a Fiber Phone Line?

Yes. VOIP functions the same as a standard voice-line and will not inhibit the use of facsimile machines. The supplied Optical Network Terminal (ONT) has two phone ports so you won’t have to switch between your phone and fax.

Getting Started/Signing Up

Who Can Get WAVE Rural Connect?

All Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative members will be eligible to receive service. The first phase will cover areas of Crawford, Sebastian, LeFlore, and Sequoyah counties. You can review our phase map here. Any zone that is in color is live, gray areas are future Phases and Zones.

While we do not have plans to offer service outside AVECC membership at this time, you can still signup to show your interest and receive updates. Expressions of interest on our signup site help us plan for any possible expansion.


The construction schedule is based on:

  • Density

  • Total cost

  • Cost per home or business passed

  • Number of potential subscribers in the area

  • Cooperative communication needs

  • AVECC and Wave Rural Connect office locations

  • Revenue projections


How Do I Sign Up?

When you are eligible to sign up, you may do so one of four ways:


  1. Go to signup.waveruralconnect.com
  2. Enter your address information to see if the service available in your area and to finish the ordering process.

Mailer: When service is ready for ordering in your area, you will receive a packet in the mail with details about the service and a signup form. You can fill out the form and mail it to us or bring it into any AVECC location.

Phone: Call 1.833.4WAVERC (1.833.492.8372)

Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative Office:

Ozark Headquarters Office
1811 W. Commercial St.
PO. Box 47, Ozark, AR 72949

Waldron District Office
1908 S. Main
PO. Box 9, Waldron, AR 72958

Pocola, OK. District Office
1302 South Pocola Blvd.
PO. Box 490, Pocola, OK 74902

Van Buren District Office
5600 N. Highway 59
PO. Box 6967, Van Buren, AR 72956

Even if our service not yet available in your area, you can enter your information, and we will contact you when your area is ready for Wave Rural Connect services. Feel free to signup even if you are NOT an Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative member you can sign up to shown interest. If enough interest is shown in an area, it could be a candidate for expansion.

Will I Be Able To Call In To Sign Up?

Yes. Current members may call our member service center at:


What If I’m Not An Arkansas Valley Electric Member?

We plan to offer Wave Rural Connect to all AVECC members before we consider whether to expand outside the AVECC coverage area. You may fill out our non-member subscription request form to express your interest using our  Check Availability  form, and we will contact you when service is available in your area.

How Do I Get Wave Rural Connect If I’m A Renter?

You will need permission from your landlord to have the installation performed.

You can download our Landlord Authority letter, have it filled out by you, and our landlord, then mail in with your signup form or talk to a Member Service Representative for more information. 1.844.4WAVERC.

Is There An Application Deadline?

Yes. The application deadlines are based on the phase areas where we are performing construction.

We will be running fiber to your neighborhood during this scheduled phase. Connecting to your home during this process reduces cost and time to enable services.

Running fiber directly to your home is what enables us to make the connections that will allow up to two TVs, at no additional charge.

The installation fee is $100 to run fiber to your home.

If you miss the deadline, you will need to pay the full installation charge, which includes:

  • The current full cost of extending the line to your home

  • Additional charge for each TV connection

Even if you are under contract with your current internet provider, we encourage you to apply and pay the installation fee before the Wave Rural Connect construction deadline to avoid a much higher installation charge at a later date.


How Do I Schedule Installation?

Once you have signed up for your service package online, by mail, or by phone, we will contact you to schedule date for the in-home installation.

Do I Have To Be Home For Installation?

Yes, you must be home for installation to verify your selections and choose where to place the equipment.

Will Somebody Come Inside My House?

Yes, the installer will enter your home to install the fiber optic cable and necessary equipment.


Will My Bills For Electric And Fiber Be Together Or Separate?

Your bill for Wave Rural Connect services will be mailed in the same envelope as your Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative bill. You can choose to pay both bills with the same payment. You must include the stubs for both accounts, or the full amount will be applied to your AVECC bill.

For more information on billing see the AVECC Ways to Pay page.

When Will I Be Billed For My Service?

Billing for Wave Rural Connect services will begin once the installation is completed, and all services have been turned on. All services are billed one month ahead. This means that if you receive a bill in April, it will be for services to be received in May.

What must be paid on my first bill?

All bills for Wave Rural Connect services are paid in advance. Example: if paying in July, you are paying for the month of August.

Your first bill will include:

  1. Any installation charges
  2. The pro-rated amount for your first month
  3. The monthly amount for the next month
  4. Taxes and regulatory fees.

How Will I Pay?

You will be able to make a payment by the following methods:

How do I apply a coupon to my order?

At the end of the sign up step, click COMPLETE PROCESS, then you will be able to enter your coupon code on the payment entry screen

Will There Be A Late Fee If I Don’t Pay On Time?

Yes, there will be a late fee assessed on the account if the payment is not made on the original due date.

Are there annual contracts?

There is a one-time contract term of  12 months, commencing on the date Service is made available. Thereafter, the term shall automatically renew on a month-to-month basis at WAVE’s then current monthly pricing and fees. No further term-based contract is required. This initial 12-month contract is to recover full cost of installation and turn-on of service.

Are there fees if I cancel service?

Yes. Subscriber may cancel Service at any time. If Subscriber cancels Service at any time during the initial twelve-month period, an early cancellation fee, equal to the remainder of the twelve-month term multiplied by $49.95, will apply.

Can I change services while under contract?

Yes. You may add or change your services. A new 12-month contract may be required if additional installation or construction at the home is required for any upgrades of service.