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Control your Ultimate Experience with the WAVE Connect App!

Get Started With Fast Rural Internet

$79.95/ month
  • Connect more simultaneous users and devices
  • Enjoy UHD video content without buffering
  • Video chats and meetings without blips
  • Get serious with advanced online gaming
  • Content creators can upload with ease
$49.95/ month
  • All the speed you need for the basic household
  • Stream audio and video files with no throttling
  • Synchronous upload/download speeds
  • Upload and download large files with ease
  • Enjoy unlimited data – no caps
$11/ month
  • Everything in Managed WiFi
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Advanced Network Security​​
  • Create People Profiles
  • Filter & Block Sites
  • Set Time Limits on Devices
  • Prioritize Network Usage: Work, Education, & Fun

Don’t need Ultimate WiFi?
Get basic Managed WiFi for $7 per mo.

Reduce the steps in managing your WiFi with our Managed WiFi Services. Remote troubleshooting, an app to control your router, manage connected devices, change network password, and more.

Add The Fiber TV Experience

Check out our searchable Channel Lineup.

$186.95/ month
  • 188 Channels
  • Get all the channels and add-ons we offer!
  • All sports
  • All movie
  • Alll variety
  • Seriously. It’s ALL CHANNELS.

*Excludes Pay Per View (PPV)

$139.95/ month
  • 127 Channels
  • Get everything in Complete & Local Plus
  • Extra sports: ESPN News, Golf, NFL Net.
  • Entertainment: Disney XD JR, DIY, Hallmark Mov.
  • And more!
$131.95/ month
  • 90 Channels: Get all Local Plus and over 50 more

  • AMC, History, FX, Grit
  • ESPN, Fox Sports, SEC
  • CNN, MSNBC, Fox News
  • And more!

Local Plus TV.

All the locals and alternates: CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS, CSPAN, HSN, TBN, and more.

$56.95 per mo.

A great package for those with poor antenna signal or if you just don’t want to deal with one!
Each TV requires a Set Top Box ($5.95 mo. Internet and a WiFi package are REQUIRED for TV)

Crystal-Clear Home Phone


/ month

More Info

You should have reliable phone services at your home — no matter where you live. WAVE Rural Connect phone services bring you affordable, crystal-clear no-drop calls over our all-fiber network!

  • Unlimited calling nationwide

  • Name and number ID

  • Remote access voice mail comes standard

  • Three-way calling

  • Call waiting, blocking, forwarding, do not disturb

My family purchased a new house that didn't have any high-speed internet options available. I'm an IT Professional, as well as an avid gamer, this was a big compromise. [When we got Wave] we went from LTE (10mb/3mb) to full Gigabit! Thank you Wave Rural Connect for your investments into our community and reaching out to other areas that don't have high speed internet options available.

RobertIT Professional – Alma, AR

We have lived in a rural area with no options for high speed internet for the last 20 years. My husband is a pastor in our community. We were unable to assemble as a church during this stressful time. Having Wave installed in our home right before the pandemic started made it possible for us to stay connected to our church family. Thank you Wave for making a way for people in rural areas to have the same and even better quality high speed internet as those living in our urban areas.

Jennifer H.Rudy, AR

We had previously had internet service that was spotty, inconsistent and frankly much more expensive. We signed up for Wave as soon as it was available and have not looked back. Zoom calls with our 82-year-old grandmother, my son's virtual learning, Microsoft Team meetings and heavy file transfers. The fantastic reliability certainly has made our technological lives free of frustration and enabled us to stay close to loved ones virtually!
For that alone, our family thanks you!

Doug R.Fort Smith, AR

I am a disabled veteran who, due to medical issues, has a hard time driving the 2 hour trip to see my Veteran's Administration (VA) doctor. With Wave high speed internet. Recently using face time and the doctor was able to diagnosis some basil cell cancer on my nose that I didn't even know was there.
So thank God for the Wave high speed internet.

M.R. SmithOliver Springs Rd

I live in the country and have internet that actually works! I can stream things at HD quality and I don't lose service when the wind blows! I love everything about it!