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What Is A Phase?

Many members have been asking us, “What is a Phase?” or “When will fiber internet service be available?” Clarifying what a phase is will answer both questions.

If you have seen Arkansas Valley Electric’s 2018 announcement of Wave Rural Connect fiber services, you may have read, “…the Board of Directors approved phase one of a six-phase smart grid system buildout that will improve communication to all devices on AVECC’s electric grid. The excess fiber capacity of the smart grid system will be used by Wave Rural Connect to provide broadband services to all AVECC members.”

  1. These Phases include steps in both the Smart Grid fiber build-out and installation of Wave services. Each phase is sized based on the region, sub-stations, meters and the timeline needed to complete the phase.
  2. Each phase is based on a calendar year to finish the build-out and installations.
  3. AVECC and Wave are constructing the network over a six-phase plan. It is expected to take 6 years to finish the Fiber project.

Example: Bob J. Member is in Phase 1: Figure Five-2.

  • Phase 1 is the when; year one
  • Figure-Five-2 is just a location in our plan

During buildout, each area served by a sub-station will receive mailers and we will announce them on the website, Facebook, and Twitter.  So you will know when service is available in your area.

The Steps Of A Phase.

  1. The Smart Grid Buildout: Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative is building out a network of fiber and monitoring devices to allow better monitoring and control of their systems.
  2. Notifying You: As the grid is built, we’ll send out a mailer and social notices when we are in your neighborhood.
  3. Connecting To You: The fiber network runs past members as it connects to each station. If you subscribe, that is where we can make a fiber drop connection to your house. Crews will also install the external devices needed.
  4. Scheduling: We will contact you via phone when the drop installation is finished. A Member Service Representative will provide instructions on setting up billing and scheduling your installation date.
  5. Turning On Service: On your scheduled installation date, our technicians will connect fiber from the external devices to the interfaces inside your home. After a quick tutorial, you will be able to enjoy your new Wave Rural Connect fiber services!

We can not give predictions of tight timelines due to the various obstacles that can get in the way of construction.

Definitely keep your eye on your mailbox and social media. We will let you know when Wave fiber internet service will be available!