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I started my career at Arkansas Valley Electric in January of 2020 as a member service representative. In June of 2020, I began working with the Wave team in scheduling and coordinating install appointments. I recently accepted the official position of scheduler for Wave Rural Connect in February of this year.

A day in the life of a scheduler includes the scheduling of all residential and commercial installs, service addition installs, reschedules, and services calls. In addition to installs, we verify orders and equipment with customers, process service removals, participate in sales, create new accounts and customer profiles, process service orders due to customers moving, connect at new locations, or reconnecting services, and submit tickets for speedy resolutions. Lastly, we assist other departments with install and billing questions, concerns, and fee additions and removals.

I enjoy talking with and assisting customers daily. Customer satisfaction is very important to me, and I enjoy that role that I play in achieving this. I am passionate about my work with Wave customers and always strive to ensure that the people I speak with are happy with all their experiences with Wave Rural Connect. The pandemic proved just how great the need for quality, high speed internet was in Arkansas and Iā€™m proud to be part of a team that is bringing a much-needed service to our members.