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LeAnn Pate’s life changed drastically in the spring of 2020. Within one week, she was requested to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and she received Wave Rural Connect’s fiber-to-the-home internet to her Oklahoma residence.

As an Account Executive for KTCS, a country music radio station located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, quality access to the web was necessary for LeAnn to work effectively from her home. While her husband continued to work as an essential worker, LeAnn and her two high-school seniors learned how to manage a new work and school environment.

“It hit hard. I’m thankful we received Wave Rural Connect at the right time because I had two seniors at home that needed internet access.”

Now, almost two years later, the Pate family couldn’t imagine life without Wave Rural Connect’s 100 mbps service.

Even though LeAnn is back to working from the KTCS office and her kids graduated from high school, the family relies on Wave Rural Connect’s service.

“We can watch a TV show. We can all be on our computers, while someone else can be on the iPad at the same time,” shared LeAnn.

Her daughter, currently a student at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith, still uses Wave Rural Connect to complete her college workload.

One of the most surprising changes to LeAnn’s family after getting Wave Rural Connect was the substantial difference in her cell phone bill.

“Before Wave Rural Connect, I paid for our phones to be hot spots. Our bill would often be over $500,” LeAnn said. “Now, there’s no need to pay for hotspots. For a fraction of the price, my family and I can do so much more with Wave Rural Connect.”

LeAnn is happy to tell her family and friends how Wave Rural Connect changed her family’s everyday lives for the better.