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At WAVE Rural Connect, we are always looking for new ways to put our customers first and serve you most effectively. Whether you have a work from homer, online gamer, or social media influencer living in your home – WAVE Rural Connect has you covered.

Discover fiber internet packages with speeds and pricing that fit your life (and everyone in it)!

Our internet package options ensure that we meet your needs with service and quality while also making sure we aren’t breaking your bank. We want every customer to have access to world-class high-speed internet within their monthly budget!

Wave Rural Connect offers two residential package options to meet you and your family’s needs. You can choose between our 100 Mbps package for $49.95 per month or our 1 Gigabit package for $79.95 per month. Both packages offer symmetrical upload/download speeds and there will be no data caps or bandwidth throttling!

Not sure which is most appropriate for you?

We generally recommend the 100 Mbps package for households of 1-2, who don’t have many advanced data needs. The 1 Gigabit option is great for households of 3 or more and makes streaming TV or gaming accessible across devices.

Experience the difference that Wave Rural Connect fiber internet delivers. Reliable, affordable high-speed internet puts a new world of possibilities at your fingertips.

Get amazingly fast fiber internet for your business too!