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We interview Suzanne Parnell of StoneWind Retreat.

StoneWind is secluded in the mountains near Chester, Arkansas, and is a great place for relaxation, healing, and fast internet!

More about Stone Wind and Suzanne’s situation.

“I had to drive back and forth from my home in Fayetteville and [Stone Wind] to access the internet in order to work on my website and marketing. When I sold my home and moved to the property [in Chester], I was stuck in the dark when the satellite internet was down due to storms and fog.”

“I tried various services over the years, the best I ever had was 7-12 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up — if the weather was good. Latency was always an issue. I would lose hours of work on my websites and online documents, and they wouldn’t save before I lost connection or latency occurred.”

“When WAVE promised 100 Mbps up and down, guaranteed, I thought I didn’t hear them right. I have 200 Mbps for the cabins and office, and I have 100 Mbps for my house.” 

“Here we are on the edge of the National Forest, with 160 acres of land, and we have fiber internet. Now I have visitors who end up staying longer because they can get away, but stay in touch with work and friends.”

“Fiber Internet from WAVE puts rural Arkansansans on a level with people that live in major cities. I was shocked when I heard Arkansas Valley and Wave were doing this.”

WAVE: Internet starts at .95, TV 32.95, Phone .95Stone Wind Retreat: Website  |  Facebook  | 479-369-0049