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Fiber Internet is Worth the Wait

By March 2, 2021March 23rd, 2021No Comments

WAVE will be upgrading the fiber line on our OZARK substation. Replacement will take several hours, which may cause outages after 12:00 AM Thursday (2/22) morning. Maintenance should be completed by 6:00 AM.
If your service is out for an extended period, please contact Tech Support: 1 (888) 212-7626

Fiber Internet is Worth the Wait!

Discover the 7 Stages of Building a Fiber-to-the-home Network

Construction of the Wave Rural Connect fiber network is a complex process that involves contractors and a mix of overhead and underground construction to lay distribution lines. The time it takes is dependent on a number of variables including the length of the circuit, terrain and soils, weather, and other external factors.

There are seven stages we repeat for each zone that we open.

Stage 1: Make Ready Engineering, 2–4 Week Process
Stage 2: Make Ready Construction, 4–12 Week Process
Stage 3: Fiber Construction, 4–8 Week Process
Stage 4: Splicing, 3–6 Week Process
Stage 5: Service Drop Construction
Stage 6: Drop Splicing
Stage 7: Home or Business Installation

Below is a handy infographic showing the fiber construction process.