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May 15, 2024. WAVE will be performing an update on the Lutherville, Piney, Grand Prairie, Booneville & Hartford Zones
Service could be down for a significant time between midnight and 5:00 am.
If your service is out for an extended period beyond 5:00 am, contact support: 1-888-212-7626

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it comes the time-honored tradition of shopping for the perfect gifts. In today’s digital age, many of us are choosing to avoid the bustling crowds and long lines in favor of holiday online shopping. Fiber internet from Wave Rural Connect can make this online shopping experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Online holiday sales in the U.S. are set to hit an impressive $221.8 billion, with Cyber Monday expected to cross the $12 billion mark. This impressive growth is driven by the increasing number of consumers who are turning to the internet for their holiday shopping needs.

Fiber internet, with its lightning-fast speeds and reliable connectivity, plays a crucial role in this holiday shopping frenzy. Shoppers demand quick access to websites, smooth navigation, and fast-loading pages to secure the best deals before they sell out. Fiber internet’s minimal delay and high bandwidth ensures that your online experience remains seamless even during peak shopping hours.

During the holiday season, internet usage surges. For our valued current customers, there’s an additional reason to celebrate this holiday season. Upgrading to Gigabit fiber internet from Wave Rural Connect ensures that your family has enough bandwidth for all your online activities. Are you tired of competing with multiple users on your network when the whole family is in town? Enjoy the gift of Gigabit internet! With speeds up to 1 Gig, your household can be shopping for holiday gifts, streaming classic holiday movies, video chatting with loved ones, playing online games, and shuffling your favorite holiday tunes – all at the same time.

Fiber internet gives you…

  • Gigabit speeds (10x faster than our 100 mbps package!)
  • Symmetrical uploads and downloads. This means your kids can download their new games much faster!
  • Connect multiple devices. Even the new ones from Santa!

As you prepare for the holiday season, consider upgrading to fiber internet. With its speed and reliability, you can ensure a smooth online shopping experience, snag the best deals, and make your holiday season truly enjoyable. Make the most of this exciting time of year and let Wave Rural Connect power your holiday online shopping spree!