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May 15, 2024. WAVE will be performing an update on the Lutherville, Piney, Grand Prairie, Booneville & Hartford Zones
Service could be down for a significant time between midnight and 5:00 am.
If your service is out for an extended period beyond 5:00 am, contact support: 1-888-212-7626

Have you ever been curious about what truly sets WAVE Rural Connect’s fiber internet apart from other so-called high-speed internet options?

The answer is simple: WAVE gives you more.

Being a WAVE Rural Connect subscriber means so much more than having access to world-class, fiber-fast internet; It means high-quality, affordable service with unbeatable perks that provide the ultimate subscriber experience.

With free installation and true speeds up to 1 gig, WAVE Rural Connect has connected our communities in ways we’ve never seen. For years, rural areas have offered cable/satellite/wireless speeds as slow as 10 Mbps, and our minimum package provides 100 Mbps. The difference is immediately noticeable when streaming, using smart home devices, and downloading and uploading files. WAVE Rural Connect subscribers can say goodbye to frozen screens with a symmetrical internet connection, meaning the same download and upload speeds. No more waiting on apps to load or content to post.

Unlike competitors, WAVE Rural Connect never limits or punishes subscribers. As a WAVE Rural Connect subscriber, you’ll never encounter limits on the amount of data you use, receive charges out of the blue, or see your internet speeds intentionally slowed down. Instead, WAVE offers two residential internet packages that each include unlimited data without caps or throttling, so you don’t have to worry about overages or unexpected charges. Binge-watching your favorite show is harmless and free with WAVE Rural Connect.

Additional benefits for WAVE Rural Connect subscribers include access to 24/7 tech support and an all-in-one app designed to simplify the experience and protect devices from malicious threats. The free WAVE Rural Connect mobile app allows users to manage their network and the devices it powers, create guest networks, change passwords, report outages, view usage, and more all from their phone.

WAVE Rural Connect also offers an Advanced Managed Wi-Fi Service where subscribers can add extra services that make sense for their lifestyle. Your private information can stay private with WAVE Rural Connect’s ProtectIQ technology. ProtectIQ® provides an additional layer of protection against viruses and malware to your network. Subscribers can also enjoy personalized device management with ExperienceIQ technology. ExperienceIQ® provides you with the tools needed to enforce the Internet rules you establish in your home. Set up profiles for each member of your family and their devices and filter content, websites, and applications. Plus, you can set time limits and parental controls.

WAVE Rural Connect membership continues to grow every day.

Do you want more from your internet provider? Make the switch today and subscribe to world-class fiber internet with the ultimate subscriber experience at!