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May 15, 2024. WAVE will be performing an update on the Lutherville, Piney, Grand Prairie, Booneville & Hartford Zones
Service could be down for a significant time between midnight and 5:00 am.
If your service is out for an extended period beyond 5:00 am, contact support: 1-888-212-7626

Building a fiber network is a very intricate process that takes several years. Due to the lengthy process and the continuous rise of technology, some people question the future of fiber and if is going to be obsolete. The short answer is no.

Fiber technology is here to stay and will continue to power the internet revolution for years into the future. That is why WAVE Rural Connect is dedicated to bringing top-of-the-line, fiber-fast internet to 100% of its members.

There are many reasons why fiber is the gold standard of transmission and is potentially “futureproof.” Fiber is the fastest, most reliable option compared to traditional copper phone lines, cable or fixed wireless technology. A few benefits of fiber internet include symmetrical speeds for both uploading and downloading, greater bandwidth than other technologies, and no data caps.

A fiber-optic network can send and receive data at the speed of light and has a stronger infrastructure than other networks because it’s less susceptible to interference and weather damage. Furthermore, fiber infrastructure is necessary to expand 5G networks. Fiber broadband technology works alongside 5G wireless technology to support it, unlike its predecessor, 4G. The combination of 5G and fiber together can result in accelerated speeds on both sides.

How does fiber technology work? 

Fiber-optic systems are made up of tiny strands of glass that carry data using light waves. The “fiber” in “fiber-optics” refers to those tiny glass strands. Essentially, the glass material in fiber cables and the way in which the fiber-optic data is transmitted through pulses of light allow for much faster internet speeds and better reliability than traditional copper lines. Most internet providers use fiber in their systems but use copper lines for the final connections to the home, resulting in slower speeds. WAVE Rural Connect believes 100% fiber network is the best, most sustainable communications choice.

No other physical delivery medium can compete with the sheer resilience of fiber optics. Due to its reliability, speed, and sustainability, fiber networks and membership are projected to continue to grow. It is evident that fiber internet has limitless potential and the capabilities to meet future demand. WAVE Rural Connect is proud to be a part of the broadband movement and is looking forward to a future powered by fiber. Learn more and get connected today at!