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May 15, 2024. WAVE will be performing an update on the Lutherville, Piney, Grand Prairie, Booneville & Hartford Zones
Service could be down for a significant time between midnight and 5:00 am.
If your service is out for an extended period beyond 5:00 am, contact support: 1-888-212-7626

According to the World Health Organization, the pandemic caused a 25% increase in the worldwide prevalence of anxiety and depression. One of the main causes of this increase came from individuals being isolated during quarantine. Being alone with only worrisome thoughts about loved ones, the fear of catching the virus, and the financial burden of jobs shutting down, caused individuals’ mental health to suffer. A beneficial way that people have learned to cope with their newfound anxiety has been to turn to the internet to find ways to help relieve stress and tension.


One coping mechanism that an internet connection makes more available is utilizing videoconference capabilities with licensed therapists. Recognizing that you need therapy is not always an easy thing to do and finding a therapist can be expensive and timely. Recently, companies have come out with the ability to hire a therapist and chat with them online to combat these issues at a fraction of the price of traditional therapy sessions. This makes seeking help more accessible to all people in need. Fiber internet is the best way to make sure your video connection is lag-free, so you can make the most out of your therapy sessions.


Another popular way to destress is by streaming YouTube videos from professionals so you can follow along with their practices. For instance, yoga is a great way to keep your body healthy while also relaxing your mind to improve mental health. Additionally, practicing guided meditation can calm the mind through breathing exercises allowing individuals to focus on their current surroundings. Fiber internet provides symmetrical upload and download speeds, letting you stream your yoga tutorial or guided meditation without interruption!


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