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WAVE Rural Connect is part of the Thirteen Arkansas Electric Cooperatives That Have Come Together to Create a New Wholesale Broadband Provider.

DSN Coverage Map

DSN Coverage Area

With a mission to catalyze the growth of high-speed internet connectivity throughout Arkansas and make it the most significantly connected state in the country, a collective of more than a dozen Arkansas electric cooperatives have partnered together to announce the formation of Diamond State Networks, a new wholesale broadband provider uniting the fiber-optic networks of member cooperatives throughout the state.

Diamond State Networks (DSN) is 100% owned by electric cooperatives.

  • The residents that are served by Arkansas’ electric cooperatives ultimately own and govern Diamond State Networks.
  • The partnership by electric cooperatives ensures that the focus of DSN is always on reliability and affordability.
  • The ownership, function, and mission of WAVE Rural Connect or partner cooperatives has not changed.