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May 15, 2024. WAVE will be performing an update on the Lutherville, Piney, Grand Prairie, Booneville & Hartford Zones
Service could be down for a significant time between midnight and 5:00 am.
If your service is out for an extended period beyond 5:00 am, contact support: 1-888-212-7626

Choosing an internet service can be tough when every provider has different promises for different prices. Why is fiber internet the best option for me? The answer is easy, fiber internet provides amazing speed with incredible reliability.

WAVE Rural Connect can provide internet that is faster and more reliable than both cable and DSL. This extremely fast speed is achieved by using fiber optic lines to deliver data to and from your devices at the speed of light. Fiber optic cables are made up of small flexible strands of glass whose signal is transmitted by light wave instead of electricity. This allows fiber optic lines to withstand electrical surges and to be resistant to weather changes like temperature and moisture.

How will this affect my daily life?

  1. Entertainment- fiber internet provides the ability to stream super high definition and 4k video, virtual reality, real-time online gaming, watch your favorite online videos, connect via social media platforms, and video calls.
  2. Lower latency- fiber internet allows for a connection with less lag time providing a seamless experience when performing daily activities like online gaming, video conferencing, stock trading or any activity where high speeds bring a better overall experience.
  3. Connecting multiple devices- the number of connected devices in a household continuously rise every year along with internet usage. With other internet technologies reaching their limit, fiber has just gotten started. Fiber’s unique technology leaves room for growth with data and speed, so no matter the number of devices, fiber is ready!
  4. Boosting businesses- the quick speeds and unmatched reliability make fiber the best choice for any business, especially fast-growing companies that need an internet that can grow with them. Fiber internet’s bandwidth capabilities also make it ideal to quickly access data and applications stored in the cloud. Lastly, fiber internet can only be penetrated by cutting through the fiber-optic cable, which causes the signal to disappear. This provides businesses with an extra security measure for their sensitive information.