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Leave lagging and frozen screens in the past!

Streaming has never been easier with WAVE Rural Connect fiber internet. Watch your favorite shows and movies, stay up to speed with all your favorite teams, and avoid contracts with streaming capabilities.

Fiber internet will allow you to use some of the fastest speeds available, not only in your area but everywhere! This will allow you to have more freedom and flexibility with how you use your internet service based on your family’s needs. Along with this, say goodbye to contracts tying you into long-term agreements that many cable providers require. Stream how you want, when you want.

Below are some of the reasons we think streaming could be a great option for our customers with WAVE!

1)     Flexibility – You can set up tv’s anywhere in your house and have multiple users on the same account. You can also use your smartphone or tablet and watch anywhere while connected to Wi-Fi.

2)     No penalties to cancel service – You can start and stop anytime because there is no contract.

3)     Customize the channels you like– Cable/Satellite will offer the most channels but if you aren’t using a bulk of them, then you will appreciate how you can customize what you watch and pay for.  There are also options to stream your local channels.

4)     More On-Demand options – There is a huge movement for on-demand programs on services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, and more.   Streaming with our high-speed internet opens the door for thousands of on-demand programming.

5)     Trial period for streaming service – We highly recommend you do your own research and figure out which streaming service is best for you.  The good news is almost all live TV streaming services have a commitment-free trial period.

Sign up for fiber internet from WAVE Rural Connect today to unlock a new world with the benefits of streaming!

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